Cizici Croatia - Apartments Cizici on the island of Krk in Croatia

On the other side of the Soline bay, there is a true picture-postcard village Čižići, encircled by the sea on one side, and a richgreen mediterranean forrest on the other.
The small sea settlement follows the traditional architecture with narrow streets bordered by sea-coast stone walls called ”gromače”. As you walk uphill you are greeted by mediterranean hospitality, its botanics, olive groves, and the wonderful view of the bay. Accommodation is offered in numerous private apartments in the immediate vicinity of the medicinal mud and beautiful sea-coast with many coves and beaches. One may relax under willow trees (a curiosity in these mediterranean parts) on ”Peril” - the monument to the traditional way of life - or walk along the Čižići’s ”trademark” - the wonderful pine-tree-lined walk.
Your gastronomic needs will be satisfied by small pubs offering traditional and international food.

Čižići is the village which on one side has been reclaimed by the sea, whilst on the other the rich green areas prevail.

Complete list of accommodation

You can choose accommodation in this destination from the list below:

Apartmani Julia

Number of apartments: 3
Price: from 37 € (278 kn)


Number of apartments: 1
Price: from 106 € (795 kn)


Number of apartments: 4
Price: from 34 € (255 kn)

Galante - Sv. Ivan

Number of apartments: 1
Price: from 63 € (473 kn)


Number of apartments: 2
Price: from 48 € (360 kn)

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