Dental tourism

Croatia is an extremely attractive destination for travel and dental tourism. With the high quality services of dental medicine and good prices, Croatia has been recognized as a desirable destination for professional and specialized treatments in dental medicine, especially for implant services.



That's why we have prepared for you, our valued customers, in cooperation with Center of Dental Medicine Orto-nova, which has a thirty year long experience in dental medicine, this promotional campaign:



Free initial examination and tartar cleaning


Good oral hygiene is very important, not only for general health, but also because of a nice appearance. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a number of dental and medical problems such as gingival inflammation, infection, bone loss, heart disease, stroke and many others. Regular visits to a dentist and tartar cleaning can prevent these complications, and provide you with good oral health.

Next time you come to enjoy and relax on the beautiful Adriatic coast, remember to do your smile a favor...


Feel free to check our partners services on or make your appointment by telephone: +385 51 829 600, e-mail: or via Skype: Orto-nova.


For larger groups FREE transfers can be arranged.




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