Horseback Riding

At only 15-kilometers from Šilo, in Njivice and Poljice you can get back to the nature and practice horseback riding. Alongside the horses, these noble creatures, you will feel the closeness and respect for them, and maybe learn something new about them, and about yourself also. Spending time with the horses, through work and play, will surely help you and encourage you for a healthier living. A relaxed atmosphere with a playful animal develops a sense of responsibility and concern for another being, but also strengthens the confidence, patience ...

Riding allows a connection with horses and nature and is an active vacation and effective therapy. Those without riding experience, those who need recreational therapeutic horseback riding, or those who enjoy dressage can feel a part of it all within the security of the sand enclosure. Also, you can make a journey on horseback during which you will experience the island of Krk and its forest trails in a unique way.





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