We are particularly proud of our fishing program, which is prepared by our employee Ervin, skipper and captain of the ship MB Ivan. Ervin's love and fascination with the sea and fishing since an early age, and his superb catch and results can not leave you indifferent. When we tell you that Ervin is also a chef by profession, and that he can cook the fish you just caught, you will say that we are exaggerating, but look at our photo gallery, for pictures speak louder than words.

If you want to get the most out of your well-deserved vacation and experience the true pleasures of the sea, we offer the ideal solution in terms of fishing trips.

As fishing in the Adriatic and our island is a way of life, with which we are traditionally tied to history, as well as a joy which until recently was reserved only for selected, we want you to live that special experience! Every morning we see curious locals and visitors on the waterfront, awaiting for the return of early morning fishermen wondering whether they will come with full nets and trawl line. Hardworking fishermen in the midst of hard work simply can not convey the charm of fishing to the curious. That's why we want to realistically convey to you the inexplicable magic of connecting man and the sea!

Of course, it is possible to create a fishing trip according to your wishes and suggestions, and with our consultation and arrangement of the most complex details. Estee d.o.o. is a family owned business, and a family member is also the captain of MB Ivan. His pedigree of a superior fisherman guarantees an almost certain catch and a memorable experience from many untouched fishing positions!

The northern part of the Kvarner Bay is extremely rich in fish and there are many possibilities of renting MB Ivan for fishing: you can go fishing for squid, hake, sea bream, sea bass, mackerel, amberjack or even the big fish such as tuna or swordfish. We invite you to look at some of our biggest catches, which are among the world top, such as huge blefinn tuna and swordfish.

We have prepared the boat for fishing trips, which we believe will interest the novice fisherman as well as the most hardcore anglers.
Our recommendation:
Small game fishing: catching squid, sea bream and the dentex
Midle game fishing: catching atlantic bonito and turbot
Big game fishing (BGF): catching tuna and swordfish
Light fishing: fishing with trawl line

We offer all kinds of licenses for recreational fishing at sea:
1 day = 60,00 kn
3 days = 150.00 kn
7 days = 300.00 kn
30 days = 700.00 kn

Licences for big game fishing (BGF: tuna, swordfish):
1 day = 120,00 kn
3 days = 300.00 kn
7 days = 600.00 kn

All kinds of bait are provided and included in the offer.
It is possible to prepare the potential catch in a traditional island way and thus encircle the entire fishing experience (with the previous announcement).

Special discounts can be achieved with a combination of: fishing + rental apartments in some of our numerous houses.

At your disposal will be the ultimate fishing tackle, from the simplest hooks to the brutal 130 Lb tiagra multipliers!

In anticipation of your queries please contact us and we hope that you will not hesitate to ask questions because we are looking forward to answers and explanations. fishing team


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